Ways to Care for Dyed Hair

how to care for dyed hare

You might be amazed at how hair color can quickly transform your hair and overall look. However, what might be beautiful on the outside will not give you an idea on the torture your hair might be suffering from the hair dyes and chemicals used on it. Proper care and maintenance is a must if you decide to dye your hair. It will provide multi-fold benefits for your hair including ability to extend the life of your hair color and to maintain the health of your strands. Knowing how to care for dyed hair can also help save your investment.

Water is Your Hair’s Worst Enemy

Did you know that water, not shampoo or scrubbing of hair, can result to faster fading? In fact, there is a statistic that shows 80 percent of  color fading comes due to contact with water. When you dye your hair, it strips off the outer layer of your hair making the strands more porous. When hair is porous, it absorbs and releases water quickly. This makes it possible for hair color molecules to be washed out in the process of washing your hair with water.

This, however, does not mean that you should avoid contact with water. Instead, limit the amount of time you spend in the shower. Refrain from excessive rinsing such as tilting your head back in the shower and simply letting water run through it. Also, avoid washing hair with hot water (stick with lukewarm, if you find it too cold) as this can also contribute to faster fading of hair dye.

It is also time to start using dry shampoo, if you haven’t yet. This is a good product to use so you can limit the frequency with which you wash your hair.

Weekly Hair Mask

Dyed hair needs a regular hair mask treatment. Make sure you look for a hair mask treatment specially designed for coloured hair. This kind of treatment will boost health back into your hair strands while also locking in hair dye molecules for richer, more vibrant color. But if you cannot afford to splurge, you can  create your own hair mask  at home.

Stay Off the Pool

Aside from water, the chlorinated water from the pool is another major enemy of dyed hair. Hence, it is advised that you should avoid swimming in the pool after dyeing your hair. But if you must, here is a good technique to use: wet your hair first using regular water and then apply conditioner. The conditioner will serve to clog up the hair shaft so it won’t be able to absorb the chlorinated water from the pool anymore. Another good tip is to wear a swimming cap.

Fight Off Dryness

Dryness is a common condition associated with dyeing hair. Hence, you need to double your effort on keeping hair hydrated as part of post-dye care for your hair. The culprit to this is the missing lipid layer, which was stripped off in the process of dyeing hair. Even if you had been religiously using hair conditioner, you might notice that you still feel your hair has gone dry.

The new chemistry of your hair is behind all these fiasco. Now is the time to invest in a specially formulated conditioner for colour-treated hair. With regular use of these conditioners, you can create a protective layer on your strand so that it will be better able to absorb and seal in moisture.

What is your secret to caring for dyed hair?

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